Snow Alerting Service

The latest snow event forecasts sent right to your inbox

We help protect and grow your small business by delivering a detailed daily report with precise timing and intensity of every snow event well before impact for the locations you care about, backed by Superior Accuracy™.


Stay In The Know

Summarized Weather Conditions

Know how conditions like snow, ice, wind, temperature, cloud cover and visibility will impact your business locations

Start and End Times

Know exactly when snow will begin and end

Hourly & Total Accumulation

Know the total precipitation amount expected to fall and at what hourly rate

Accumulation Probability

Know the chances for precipitation to exceed the predicted amount

Notification Frequency

When a threat exists, know that your custom forecast will be delivered every day at 5 A.M. local time for up to 48 hours

Future Forecasts

Know what to expect in the 12 hours following the storm, including temperature, wind, cloud cover and precipitation


How to use Snow Alerting Service to your benefit

Protect your schools

Cancellation, delayed start or early dismissal? The responsibility to make the right call weighs heavily on administrators when snow and ice threaten. Use Snow Alerting Service to help you make these critical, costly decisions to keep students and staff safe.

Protect your construction company

When snow and ice threaten, you need to make rapid, often costly decisions about crew safety, scheduling, equipment, materials, operational plans and more. Using customized, consistent information about winter weather impacts helps to protect your team, and maximize working hours.

Protect your snow removal crews

Accurate information tailored to your location can help you reduce material costs, such as road salt and labor, enhance the safety of roads and sidewalk and be more efficient in your road and sidewalk treatments, applying costly materials when you don’t need to.

Prepare resort operations

No need to check for upcoming snow. We will deliver the most accurate forecast straight to your inbox, allowing you to better predict the snowiest days and when ice may threaten operations to help you adjust your staffing and marketing.

Protect your business

Gain a competitive advantage by planning ahead for staffing and inventory needs associated with winter weather and schedule plowing and salt applications in advance of impacts to help you protect and profit.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Snow Alerting Service is AccuWeather’s ‘tap on the shoulder’ for you and your business, bringing you the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding upcoming snow events in cities that you care about. This information is delivered via email with the expected start and end time of snow events, total accumulation expected, relevant data about wind and temperature, and also an overview of the weather for the 12 hours following the snow event.

  • You can select up to 5 different cities, and each city will receive one email per day, per each snow event forecasted. For example, if New York City has a snow event forecasted for Monday and Tuesday, you will receive two separate emails. Each email will have the location and expected start time in the subject line to help you quickly find the information most relevant to you.

  • The email is sent once a day at 5 A.M. to the time zone of the selected city, so you may receive emails at different hours.

  • Snow Alerting Service emails are not sent daily. Emails are sent only if there is a snow event forecasted in the next 48 hours that affects one or more of your selected cities. Also, minimum standards must be met to trigger an email: the accumulation must exceed a coating of snow, and the event duration must be equal or more than 3 hours. If those criteria are not met, you will not receive a Snow Alerting Service email.

  • After you sign into your account using the link on the top right of this page, you can manage your personal information and select the cities for which you want to receive the Snow Alerting Service email.

  • If you are having issues with your password, first try to follow the steps after clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link on the sign in page. If you are still not able to sign in, please contact us at

  • If you just need a break from the email, you can pause your service by signing into your account and clicking the ‘Pause’ control at the bottom of your Account page. This will preserve all of your login information and settings, allowing you to easily resume the service in the future.

    If you want to permanently cancel your account, use the ‘Delete your account’ option. All of your data and information will be deleted.